Silicone finish – the newest T-shirts treatment technology


Believe it or not, finally it is not the price that influences the decision to buy. Design, colors and, last but not least, pleasant first touch feeling come to the fore and these criteria finally influence customer’s decision to buy specific clothes. Almost everybody who chooses a new piece of clothing to his/her wardrobe touches it automatically, rub it in his/her hands to assess how pleasant it will be to wear.

In this case, touch is, besides eyesight, the most important sense that helps us feel softness, elasticity and silkiness of textiles. Silkiness is very important for clothing.

And what’s more, if we choose a piece of clothing that was manufactured by using the already improved textile or fibre.

In the manner of the latest worldwide trends ADLER included the final silicone treatment into production from 2012. That is the reason why you will not hesitate for a while when you obtain two identical pieces of clothing for assessment – one with silicone treatment and the second without it. Silicon wins a resounding victory.

Some softeners may be applied directly to yarn itself. However, ADLER have chosen a better technique for softening the finished fabric which is a continuous process of wetting in a silicone bath. Silicone bath treatment improves fabric properties in a similar way as a softener but its effect is more durable. A product with such treatment is soft to touch, resistant to dirt, and also free of excess threads loosened during production. Thanks to this the individual parts of a cut can be better sewn together, the cloth is pleasant to wear, fits well, is less dirt-prone, and the printing adheres better to it with bright colors.

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