Material – often the alpha and omega of the entire product


The proper choice of material is a very important step in the creation process of a new product. Whether you choose cotton, viscose, polyester or any mixture it is always necessary to take quality into consideration.

The most popular material is cotton. However, if you are able to identify cotton undoubtedly. Some treatment technologies can refine cotton to levels close to pure silk.

When you say “viscose” many people think that it is a synthetic material. Far from it! Viscose is a cellulose fibre, thus fully natural fibre. Products made of viscose are very pleasant to touch, very absorbent, and almost crease-resistant. No wonder that even today these products are very popular in the textile industry, and in 2014 the world production reached six million tons.

However, popularity of polyester has been on the increase recently. Although it is a 100% synthetic fibre, it has properties that are frequently required by textile product users. We can name for example high light-resistance, weather-resistance and resistance to microorganisms as well as low hygroscopical property and thus fast drying. Polyester is very popular in sports and outdoor collections and is used by all world-known brands.


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